David D. Leonard, MD, FAAFP
Kathleen T. Crane-Lee, MD

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Fairfax, Virginia 22030
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Philosophy of Practice

"The Science of Healing. The Art of Caring."

At Family Physicians of Old Town Fairfax our mission is to provide modern medical care with old fashion caring. In this fast paced, impersonal society, we take great pride in providing one-on-one personalized medical care. We do not employ nurse practitioners or physician assistants unlike many other primary care practices. Our patients are evaluated by a qualified physician not a nurse. As an independent practice, we take a personal interest in our patients and work as their advocates to ensure our patients receive the finest medical care available.

Our physicians are all board certified in Family Practice or Internal Medicine. These specialties require that we take continuing medical education courses regularly. In addition, we have to retake and pass our specialty exams every 10 years to maintain our certification. We are constantly studying to keep up with the rapid and exciting advances in medicine. Our names are proudly displayed on our building and we stake our reputation on the high quality of medical care our practice delivers. We went into the practice of medicine for the right reasons. It is a true privilege and honor to care for patients and we continually strive to earn and maintain their trust. Dr. Leonard has been recognized by his peers and patients alike as a top tier primary care physician.

To reduce medical errors and increase efficiency our practice has invested and implemented a state of the art computerized patient medical record system. For our patients, we draw the necessary blood work right in our office. This means patients do not have the hassle of having to schedule their blood draws at an outside drawing station. Incidentally we do not profit from being a Quest lab drawing center. We provide the service as an added convenience for patients to increase the odds they will get their blood drawn in a timely manner.

Our staff, when necessary, will take the extra time to help patients navigate through the medical maze of scheduling appointments with other medical specialist and radiographic procedures. Our registered nurses operate the call back desk dispensing advice and relaying the results of medical tests after the physician reviews it.

As the practice of medicine has changed from a cottage industry run by private physicians into a big business managed by impersonal corporations, the focus of health care has changed. Many corporations, health insurance companies, and government programs (Medicare) have a primary goal of   maximizing their profits or cutting expenses often to the detriment of the patients. They put up tall hurdles for radiographic and specialty referrals. We spend many hours per week fighting as patient advocates To get the necessary care. We have no financial interest in any radiographic centers, laboratories, surgical centers, hospitals, urgent care centers, nursing homes or other medical practices. Any referral we make is done based on an independent medical opinion rather than financial interests to do what is best for the patient's health. The specialist we refer to are top notch in their fields and we are blessed to have multiple world class medical centers in the area to refer the most complex medical and surgical cases.

Our practice is and will remain independent of outside influence so we can practice medicine the proper way we were taught. We will continue to strive to give the most modern up-to-date medical care incorporating the latest advances and technology while simultaneously embody the personal compassionate care seen in bygone eras. We want to preserve the marriage between the science of healing and the art of caring that is necessary to provide the highest quality of medical care.

I have now been in private practice at our current location for 23 years. I am looking forward to practicing medicine for at least 23 more.

David D. Leonard, M.D.

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