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A Letter From Your Doctors

Dear Patients,

Thank you for visiting our web site. We are all medical doctors licensed to practice in Virginia and are board certified by either the American Board of Family Practice or American Board of Internal Medicine. Since we are specialist in primary care, we are equipped to care for most of your family's health care needs. We care for patients at all stages of life from infants to geriatric patients who have lived over a century. We stress continuity of care and we strive to build mutually satisfying relationships with our patients that will last many years. Our practice has been at its current location since 1989.

We take a holistic approach to health care and treat the entire patient not a diseased organ system. We see a variety of illnesses and are considered specialists in disease prevention as well as diagnosing and treating common diseases. When necessary we will consult with specialist in other fields. Although we maintain privileges at Fair Oaks Hospital, a hospitalist specialist admits and cares for our hospitalized patients.

Dr. Leonard has been recognized by his peers and by patients as being in the top tier of primary care physicians in the Washington area.

Our purpose is to provide comprehensive personalized care to all members of your family. The range of services provided include the following:
  • Physical Exams: executive / school / sports / camp
  • Health Risk Assessment and Screening: cancer/ diabetes mellitus / hypertension / obesity / asthma / cholesterol / osteoarthritis / headaches / back pain / disease screening and treatment.
  • Minor Office Surgery: Mole and cyst removal / ingrown toenail / cry therapy / laceration repair / shave biopsy / punch biopsy / skin tag removal.
  • Dermatology: Acne/rashes / warts / cysts / abscess
  • Pediatric Care: Wellness exams / school and sports physicals / treat infections / immunizations.
  • Adolescent Care: ADHD / school exams
  • Gynecology: Well woman exams / PAP / pelvic and breast exams / hormone replacement / menopause / PMS
  • Adult: Physicals / EKGs / pyrometer
  • Geriatric: Assessment / physical exams
  • Behavioral Sciences: Stress reduction / anxiety / depression / insomnia / tobacco / alcohol
  • Same day appointments: for patients who are or become acutely ill.
Thank you again for visiting the web site: Please call 703-352-7100 for appointment.

David D. Leonard, MD, FAAFP
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